Community Guidelines

Atlantim is global service marketplace enabling anyone who needs a service to discover people or companies that can offer it. Really any service you can imagine... as long as it's legal ; )

The Rules are Simple

Atlantim is here to help you Discover and Connect.

The rest happens the way you want. No big forms to fill-out, no complicated booking calendars, no fees, no payment systems to get in the way and no waiting around for replies or confirmations.

When you are ready to connect we keep it simple, fast and open. One click to Call, SMS or Message direct. Discuss the job, confirm what you can offer, decide if you want to go forward and arrange a time that works.

Atlantim does not arrange schedules, provide insurance, make bookings, take payment, resolve disputes or change any commissions.

Since it up to both parties on how to work together after Atlantim helps you connect... we recommend you use basic safety steps when hiring someone or agreeing to take on a job/project.

Here are Some Suggestions to Make Sure your Job is Successful

Write it Down

Write down a clear description of the job or task. Include when its due and any other relevant information. Always best for both parties to sign and date. This simple brief does not have to be a major document... bullet out the work, define when its due, when and how you will pay, confirm what “job done” means, agree and sign.

If you have any disputes at a later stage - having a clear document that describes the work, expectations and is signed by both parties will be very important.

Confirm Who You Are Working With

If you are not dealing with a known, established company (for example a new company or a freelancer or private party) – best to get a copy of their ID before they start (Passport, National ID or Driver License). It not advisable to work with anyone who is not willing to provide this basic ID documentation.

Be Safe

Just like you would do for any company/person found in the Phone Book, Internet or referred by a friend – it best to never meet alone. If your job is at your home... arrange for a friend or family member to be there with you. At minimum meet in a public place first to agree the Job document and confirm ID up front. Then make sure someone has copies and knows when/where you are meeting. Also, its a good idea to have your friend call you at an agreed time (during the project) to check if everything is going well.

Don't Pay with Cash or All Upfront

Best not to pay up-front (all the fees before they start). Pay when the work is finished or agree to pay a % for each stage of your job when completed. This should be agreed and made very clear upfront in the signed description of your job.

Don't pay with cash. Pay with a credit card or a well-established payment system. If you do need to Pay with Cash – get a full receipt. Check and make sure you understand the local and national rules about paying for services in Cash (there can be a maximum amount allowed).

Get a Receipt when Finished

Always get a receipt when making a payment. Equally get a confirmation that your work was delivered as expected. The best way to do this for both parties is a receipt (stating what was delivered and what was paid – dated and signed by both parties).

Some Other Things to Think About

  • Treat each other with respect
  • Always do a good job
  • If things are not going well – don’t wait until the end to discuss
  • Pay on time
  • Always complete a review on Atlantim after each job
  • If you provide services, make sure you are insured to do so
  • Run background check if you have any concerns
  • If there is a dispute and you can’t agree a resolution - contact local authorities or seek legal advice.